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The psycho-physical well-being of the person certainly passes through the quality of sleep. The quality of rest is also obtained thanks to the use of the pillow best suited to personal needs. Aware of the importance of choosing the correct pillow, we have created the Pillow Menu for our Guests. The following types of pillows may be requested at the Reception or at the time of booking:


Soap cushion, breathable with Aloe Vera Sap, Memory, Medical Device. Supports the garment according to the weight and pressure exerted naturally; prevents the body from assuming unnatural postures by adapting perfectly to the forms it supports.


Latex Pillow Double Wave Model, Medical Device. The Ortho cervical pillow combines the advantages of latex with the cervical shape. Latex is a perfect material to guarantee the right rest and perfect support since it is anatomical and elastic but not too yielding. The different heights of the two waves offer the possibility of choice according to the needs of those who rest there.


Hollow Soap Pillow Memory Gel, Orthopedic Pillow Cool Summer - Warm Winter - Medical Device. For an optimal night's sleep thanks to its low thermal conductivity free of unpleasant odors. Reduces stress and muscle tension, avoids compression points, welcomes the head and shoulders ensuring high comfort

..... Everyone has their pillow! ......

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